The Equipment

For over 20 Years Mulherin rigging and Cranes have been specialising in Cranes and lifting equipment.  MRCA have access to a range of owned, cross hired and specialty equipment to ensure your lifting requirements are delivered on time and within budget with safety a paramount priority. 

MRCA has access to a fleet of cranes and specialty lifting equipment ranging from 1T to over 500T and can mobilise equipment in short time frames and to isolated areas.

The Services

•    Crane hire
•    Steel Erection
•    Precast installation
•    Forklifts
•    Small cranes (up to 5T)
•    City cranes (7T – 13T)
•    Articulating cranes (up to 25T)
•    All terrain cranes (up to 400T)
•    Crawler cranes (up to 500T)
•    Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Systems
•    Job and Safety analysis
•    Crane selection
•    Lift studies

The Team

MRCA has a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff who have decades of experience working with cranes and lifting equipment as well as multiple other trades. 

Our teams can conduct site inspections prior to mobilising machinery and offer reports such as lift studies, crane selections, lift sequencing, ground conditions, weather conditions, safety reports and hazard analysis to ensure all lifting operations are efficient, safe and successful. 

MRCA operators are highly skilled and experienced with all crane operation and safety procedures both domestically and internationally.  

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